Weekend Yum Cha


We’re spilling the tea every weekend, so grab your crew and join us for Yum Cha + teapot cocktails every Saturday and Sunday.

Thirs-tea? Kick off the weekend with our all new tea-inspired cocktails. Sip on Beau-tea-ful Berries – Manly Pink Gin, Wild Berry Tea, Raspberry and Vanilla, and Fifty Shades of Earl Grey – Vodka, Yuzu Umeshu, French Earl Grey Tea and Grapefruit. 

It only gets better from there, with our all new $88pp Yum Cha feast. Tuck into an epic selection of dumplings from Scallop + Prawn Siu Mai to Tom Yum Prawn + more, as well as favs like Kingfish Sashimi and Crispy Prawn Banh Mi. 

Join us for Yum Cha, 12pm-4pm every Saturday and Sunday.