I Dream of Cooper

10 Years of Chin Chin

Since 2011, Chin Chin has earned its place in Melbourne’s cultural tapestry and has been shaking up the Sydney scene for the past 4 years. Even though we’ve become a so-called institution, we’re definitely not an establishment.

We’re thanking you the only way we know how — you’re invited to turn back the clock and get a taste of where it all began.

So lock yourself in for a feed you’ll never forget, and enjoy the flavours you deserve. This is a party week not to be missed.

Cooper's Dream Dinner

Sweet dreams made of this.

Enter the mind of one of Australia’s most culinary creatives, who has redefined and pushed South East Asian cuisine to new limits in the Chin Chin kitchen for the last decade.

Experience Executive Chef Benjamin Cooper as he takes you on a culinary journey through the flavours that never made the menu, serving you the dishes that he has always dreamed of. 

Join Cooper on Wednesday June 9, 7pm. Limited tickets available, be quick!

Please note, this is a communal dining experience. Groups will dine together, small groups may be seated communally.

We will always do our best to accomodate dietary requirements where possible.