Chin Chin Sydney

Healthcare Statement

Chin Chin Sydney is committed to keeping our guests and crew safe. We’ve added additional measures while still providing you with the same LUCAS Hospitality that you love!

Our dining room and event spaces are operating at a reduced capacity to ensure we can safely enforce social distancing, as well as comply with advice offered by NSW Health. We will continue to encourage bookings, however walk-ins will be accommodated where possible.

Additionally, all guests will be required to register their details via a QR code upon entry.

On duty every day is our dedicated health and safety official, COVID Cop. All shared spaces will be sanitised in between seatings by our dedicated COVID-Cop.

Chin Chin’s premises will be cleaned and coated by Zoono every 30 days. Zoono is an antimicrobial surface protection technology that continues to kill microorganisms for up to 30 days depending upon the application. Learn more on this here.

Event Spaces:
Let Chin Chin host your next event!  For the safety and wellbeing of all guests our event spaces are located on their own level of the restaurant. Our events level has it’s own private entrance, dedicated kitchen, bar and amenities which means your guests will be comfortable without interaction or crossover with other venue guests and crew.

We have revised the capacity for each of the event spaces in line with current government guidelines. Individual serving-ware is provided for each dish alongside individual plate-ware and cutlery.

Covid-19 Safe Plan:
All LUCAS Restaurants venues have a Covid-19 Safe Plan to mitigate risk of contracting and spreading Covid-19 to guests and crew.

Our Covid-19 Safe Plan addresses venue capacities, social distancing measures, guest health screenings via a QR code and record keeping, hand hygiene, airflow in venues, face coverings and PPE for crew, and systematic sanitisation and cleaning schedules.

Covid-19 Response Plan:
All LUCAS Restaurants venues have a Covid-19 Response Plan that correlates with our Covid-19 Safe Plan. A step-by-step plan is implemented should a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus occur in a venue.